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Our Story

Posh Doll L.A. Is an online boutique that was brought to life by the 7yr. old little girl that I once was. 

My fondest memories are of playing with paper dolls that my grandmother would purchase for me. I would pretend that I had a boutique that only sold the best outfits to dress up my VIP clients for their "very important events." 

Fast forward to the present, and not much has changed; I still love girly pretty things and playing dress up. Finding a forum to provide ahhhmazing wardrobe pieces is my happy place. 

Posh Doll L.A. Is my passion and in honor to the little girl I once was, I am devoted and dedicated to curating the "best outfits" to get you ready for the fun times ahead. You are my muse and I am excited to style you for all occasions.

Posh Doll

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